Once upon a time, when I first started putting up pics of the miniatures I had planned, a few artists got in touch saying that they’d love to paint up the minis for free, which was a very flattering offer, to say the least!

One such artist was Scott ‘The Machine’ Fairburn who not only continued to bug me as to when I was going to send him something to paint but has also been a huge support and I am SO happy with the results!

I heartily suggest you check out his fine work here and if you are looking for someone to paint a set or two for you, make sure you give Scott a shout.

It’s definitely inspired me to pick up my brushes and splash on some colour of my own. And make Scott look really good at the same time ;).

Also, I was thinking that I have 20 or so spare troops that have survived playtesting and I’d love to send them out to a good home. If this is something you’d be interested in, please let me know and we can work out how I can get them to you!

Just in case you missed the original sketches, check out what Scott had to work with:

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