It’s taken me a while to not only find which box I packed all my bricks into – it’s taken this long to dig out my desk so I can sit down and write to you!

While I have been spending the majority of the last two weeks shifting myself and my family from one part of Berlin to another, the moment I could, I’ve had the ever faithful Zortrax printing out new bricks to get the French fortifications ready to stand across from the now complete British Bastion.

Also, the magnificent men over at Impact 3D have posted over their fine work and I will ‘soon’ have the first batch of high detail bricks to begin casting up playtesting box sets – and hopefully a few early Christmas presents too!

There will be an unboxing of these fine pieces as well as presentation and construction videos once customs clears them. I wish I could tell you when that will be, but seeing as they’ve been in the office for a week now I’m hoping they don’t end up being a Christmas present just for me…

The Brits

For building British barricades, you will get the following:

Two Catapults + 8 Rubber Boulders and 6 Rubber bands

Wall parts

  1. 23 Basic Bricks
  2. 30 Basic End Bricks (2 x 15 ends)
  3. 8 Half Bricks
  4. 2 Arch Top Bricks
  5. 8 Basic Base Bricks
  6. 8 Corner Base Bricks
  7. 1 Center Parapet
  8. 3 Left Parapets
  9. 3 Right Parapets

Tower Components (Enough to construct 2 towers, most of the tower is made up of End Bricks)

  1. 4 Left Parapet Corners
  2. 4 Right Parapet Corners


  1. Grail Brick (In which to conceal the Grail)
  2. 2 Grail Cups
  3. 10 British Figurines

So, in total, 94 Bricks, 2 cups and 10 Figures!