Where we‘ve been, where we’re at and were we’re headed (we hope)!

The Past

A little over a year or so ago, my parents were clearing out their loft and found some of my old toys. They asked if I would like to keep any and, along with some awesome transformers, I found some pieces from an old game Crossbows and Catapults. Along with my 3d printer, I started to remake the game so I could play it with my children.

Now, my two Sons love to build… and destroy what the other has built. So I thought, why not make that a game? And so Catapult Kingdoms began. One thing I was never massively keen on with Crossbows and Catapults was how little you got to build.

This is why I began to create more varied and bricks and different factions. Moving away from the inspiration, I chose to instead base the two armies on England and France, the 100 year war and drew on my love of Monty Python for the characters.

The Present

Right now I am, along with my publishers at Vesuvius Media, working on getting the idea into a box that we can mass produce. We have production lines ready to go but we need to bring the assets in line with something that can be mass made and marketed.

As such we’re refining the designs amd creating new weapons and, potentially, new armies to give the game extra variation. We plan to divide the sets of bricks into three – essential, special and towers.

The essential are the more standard bricks that make the middle section, the arch doorway and the parapets at the top. With this you can already create a good looking castle

Add to this the special bricks – such as the base, parapets and corners – you can create a really stylish looking kingdom.

Lastly, we add to this the tower sets – with corners for both the base and the parapets, you can get these sets and combine them with the essential set to create the kind of castle you can be really proud of.

Right before the perfectly aimed boulder brings it all crashing down, of course…!

The Future

Early in 2020 we want to put the game up on Kickstarter, with some exciting personalised elements for our backers, naturally.

Bringing a game to kickstarter is not just about raising the ability to fund production but also creating a community that is invested in the title as much as we are, bringing not only their support but also their ideas and experience.

We are a small team and pretty much the entire development has been done by me so to have a community to bounce ideas off of and drive us forward into launch and beyond would be an incredible thing to have.

I’ll completely admit I have gone of topic a litle here but I hope it have you a bit of a feel for where Catapult Kingodms came from, where it is and where it’s going and whether or not you’d like to be a part of that journey!

I hope you will be!

More to come soon.

Catapult Kris