What happens at Essen…

It’s been a while since Catapult Kingdoms got its first outing at Essen and I think I’ve just about recovered now!

I had hoped to share these pics with you much sooner, I just needed the 5 minutes to get them all uploaded and a few extra minutes to write about the incredible experience.

First of all, I MUST thank Vesuvius Media for not only paying for me to be there but also for giving me some of their precious booth table room to turn from a more relaxed, sit down and think space into the boulder dodging battlefield if very soon became.

It was my privalidge to be there over the weekend and I hope that next year the Kingdoms and I will return with more bricks, weapons, troops, expansions… and plenty more boulders!

I certainly learned plenty from what became a non-stop play fest over the two days, one of which was – if only for conventions – to create much brighter boulders that are a little easier to find when launched over a your neighbours booth… and their neighbours too!

Secondly, I would like to thank each and every person who stopped by to play, ask about the game and, especially, the many that joined the mailing list! Think I doubled the list in the two days I was there! I am utterly humbled by the amount of positivity and joy that was brought to the table as people returned for another turn – and another. The fact that CK is so easy to understand meant that we quickly bridged any language barriers as kids (‘big’ and small) battled over the table.

I fear for the future of a few couples, in particular the married woman who’s battle cry of “SUCK IT!” brought her to victory over her husband (while their children were ‘shown how its done’) was one of many experiences I’ll never forget!

This is all on top of having a child being carried away from the event table crying as their parent wouldn’t let them have one more go. I think we can also blame the abundance of sugar available for the outburst…

With so much to entertain and delight it really was so flattering that people would stop by to play my prototype, even more so to know they enjoyed it as much as they clearly did!

Amyway, hope you enjoy the photos – more to come soon on new weapons, kit sets, armies as we continue the march to Kickstarter and beyond!


Catapult Kris