For those of us that don’t know, Talk and play is a bi-monthly event here in Berlin that focuses on games made by indie developers. On show, ready to be played were wonderous forms of crazy entertainment and even education through very unique interactive experiences.

And one of this months experiences included building castles and launching boulders at them, as Catapult Kingdoms got a fully public outing as I took the battle box out on the road.

I should also mention that the current battle box is pretty much the exact same size and shape as a cake box. Some people have not been all that excited to see a game come out when I lifted up the lid…

The event was a huge success for all concerned and I am very grateful to Lorenzo and Mascha for the amazing event they hosted.

Can’t explain just how incredible it was to have people queue up to play CK, to see players enjoying themselves as they created ever more unique castles only to have them destroyed moments later! I also love the looks of concentration as gamers prepared their catapults for launch!

If any of you are in or around the Berlin area in November I thoroughly recommend you check it out – and come find me for a game or two!