I had meant to post this up much sooner as the amazing Berlin Gamefest was nearly two weeks ago now! The reason It’s so late is simply that I’ve been on holiday and I get told off if I spend too long on screen when I’m meant to be ‘relaxing’.

As a dad of two, shall we say, energetic young boys – relaxing might be a thing of the past.

But now I’m back I wanted to show off some of the amazing sights from the days.

The event was incredible, a total joy to be a part of and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of it all. Catapult Kingdoms went down a storm and I have added the email addresses from those that stopped by the booth and wanted to be added to the newsletter.

I have had to add the emails by hand and… well I hope I’ve gotten everyone’s emails correct. Some of the addresses and the handwriting were… unique!

The newsletter sign up form had a section for feedback and the comments ranged from ‘cool’ and ‘orsome’ to perfect for young and old and asking when there will be a trebuchet!

Highlights of the three days included seeing so many people playing and enjoying the game, asking loads of questions – the main one being when could they buy it, which was amazing to hear – offering ideas and suggestions and queuing up to have a go at playing the game as well as trying their luck at catching a gummy bear in their mouths to try to win a box set.

No one achieved it – but many had a good go!

Also, one of the box sets got stolen! However, the thieves guilty conscience must have gotten the better of them as they then posted it to the organiser’s address and I have both box sets that I demoed back and ready to be sent out to more reviewers.

It was such a joy to see kids playing the game, especially with their family and have genuine fun and laughs galore.

Regarding the ideas and feedback, I’ll do separate posts for them as there are some great suggestions that deserve their own pages so it doesnt all get too overwhelming!

Once again, I must thank Maxwell and his team for all that they did and for Michael for setting this amazing event up in the first place.

Can’t wait until the next event!

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