Catapult Kingdoms will retail at around 50E but we wanted our Kickstarter supporters to benefit from a lower price and, for making our dream come true, a few exclusive goodies such as signed images, limited edition ammunition, custom figurines as well as being among the first in the world to own our game.
And any backer, large or small, will be credited on our website and in our kickstarter exclusive Rulebook credits.
These are my initial ideas for tiers – maybe there’s too many or I’m over complicating it all. This is likely to change but any feedback you have would be very appreciated!
The artwork is all very much added as a placeholder – it will improve for the campaign!
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  1. Brennan Sheremeto
    Brennan Sheremeto says:

    Their needs to be very clear info on how to back for a group buy. Discounts at certain quantities ect; this game is perfect for a group buy as big as the ones for snowdonia were but it needs clear info about how to order X number of box sets with limited edition ammo for each set. I would run one for my area for sure if the savings are worth it. Even if it is by the case of 6 or whatever

    • Catapult Kris
      Catapult Kris says:

      Hi Brennan – this is great feedback and I’ll definitely add in a Group buy discount tier.

      Thanks for your comments and for the example, while I’m confident that one box is fun – Sunday proved 5 boxes are better 😉

  2. may
    may says:

    I really love the execution of the game, but is it possible to have some of the pledge options as add-ons? I would want one box, but also the limited ed. ammo and/or custom troops. But the only way to get those currently would be to buy two boxes, which I don’t need.

    • Catapult Kris
      Catapult Kris says:


      First off, thank you! So lovely to hear, I really appreciate it!

      Honestly, I need to rethink the rewards as you are in a majority.

      Right now I am thinking of having the limited ed. ammo as a stretch goal and make it available for anyone who backs through kickstarter.

      Custom troops will be a more expensive boxed set, as there’s a fair bit more work involved there, naturally.

      Hope this helps and doesn’t put you off, I’ll have to do another post soon with the updated reward plan!


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