What’s been going on?

Hi and welcome to the long-overdue first post of 2020!

I do so hate starting an post with an apology but I am so sorry I haven’t written to you all sooner. I have had the pleasure of writing to several of you who have rightly asked what’s been going on and if Catapult Kingdoms is still a ‘thing’.

I can honestly tell you, it definitely is.

The delay has been due to several reasons, the top three I’ll try to keep brief for you.

  1. My publishers and I have been working to make the game production possible at a reasonable cost
  2. I hit 40 and looked at all the unfinished games I have
  3. With Catapult Kingdoms wrapped up in production back and forth, decided to finish off an earlier game alongside getting CK finished.

Firstly, the publishers I have signed with have been awesome and a huge help and support in taking the idea of CK and turning it into assets that are able to be mass-produced, rather than my idea of ‘add in everything I want in a game and hope for the best’.

This has naturally led to a lot of refinement in the block designs and removing certain block types as we get to a design that is far more store-shelf possible, with the intention of expansions to give more variety down the road.

I’ve added some fairly unexciting renders of the block sets that will fill the main sets for launch, with more to be added for larger sets later on.

Also, with the terrible virus hitting China, there is a natural delay on companies getting back to us with quotes as they deal with far higher personal priorities.

2 and 3 are pretty much the same things as, when I hit 40, I took the time to do a little personal reflection on what I’ve done and what I haven’t and, when CK hit a bit of a stall I took the opportunity to refresh a nearly completed earlier idea in the form of a sci-fi card game called Escape from Flat Earth.

However, this is not the game you signed up to follow so I won’t go on about it here. I have added a few images from it below, with a brief summary of what it is and the competition currently running.

Regardless of this game, I have sunk my heart and soul into CK and will do all I can to bring it to life this year alongside my publishers. I’ll have more news for you soon.

Thank you again, more to come from The Kingdoms!

Catapult Kris

Your ship marooned on a strange, flat planet. The crew sent out in search of vital resources. Lethal dangers found at every turn. Can anyone…

Escape from Flat Earth

Dressed in potentially fatal fashion, your Red Suits have beamed down to the Flat Planet. Drawing cards reveals events that create a mission timeline, bestow new card actions to use, or stumble upon attacks that will take your crew, if you can’t teleport them out of harm’s way…

Good luck, Red Suit.
You will be missed.

Escape from Flat Earth
A narrative-creating card game for fans of sci-fi who should know better than to wear red.
Players: 1–6 | Time: 15m+ | Age: 8-99yrs

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