So in order to get the bricks prepared, I’ve gone into production… sort of! For those that are new to the Kingdoms, the process has been to design and then 3D print up prototypes that started super simple and got more detailed to the ones you see in the pics above.

I then sent the files to the amazing team at Impact 3D who made me template bricks at amazing quality. These are the standard I will be reproducing when I get the game into full production.

Anyhoo, what this has led to now is I have sunk these bricks into silicon to create moulds that I’m using to make resin copies.

The copies aren’t perfect but they are good, they work and are fun to play and SO much faster to make than 3D printing.

It’s these beta bricks that will be in the preview sets and sent out as the beta battle boxes to reviewers and competition winners.

They will, however, be sanded and tidied long before they are packed and mailed to the lucky winners and reviewers.

Awesomely, Berlin has a ‘happylab’ that you can get a membership for and even storage so I now have somewhere to go to makemess with other mess makers!