It’s been a long road here and I’ve certainly learned a thing or three, but I can finally say – the prototypes are ready! Woohoo!

Each of the five boxes now contains:

  • 2 x Catapults
  • 10 x Rubber Boulders
  • 6 x Rubber Bands
  • 8 x Troops (4 Brits, 4 Frenchmen)
  • British Bricks (25)
  • French Bricks (29)
  • 24 Tactic Cards
  • 2 x Reference Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Brick tray
  • 2 x spare catapult arms*
  • 10 x Troop targets*

The bricks have been checked for any sticky uncured paint or varnish, the boulders have been cleaned as well (nothing worse than a case of sticky boulders) and the troops have been reinforced to give them a chance to last for more than a harsh glance in their direction or strong breeze…

As mentioned before, I’ll be beefing them up before we go into production. I’ll also be testing some other materials as the resin they are in currently is great for detail but is too brittle for their role in the game.

The cards are printed and packed, as well as the quick play reference cards and the instructions too! I’ve also put in spare arms for the catapults and targets as alternatives to the miniatures as backups.

With everything in the boxes now, it’s time to finally get the boxes in the post. First off, I’ll be sending the competition winners their overdue boxes and from there I’ll begin the game of global pass the parcel to get as many reviewers (hopefully) enjoying playtime by the time Catapult Kingdoms goes live on Kickstarter!

Well, first I’ll be building a few massive castles just for the fun of it – I mean to make sure the bricks stack properly…

* These are just for the prototype boxes so that there are backups for the players / reviewers.

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