Our wonderful partners over at https://www.impact3dprinting.com have come through for us once again with this new batch of British bricks in superb high quality.

Once they arrive here in Germany I’ll be creating silicone moulds from each of these as templates and from that I’ll be casting enough bricks for 5 review kits to send out to, well, reviewers and then start creating ‘skirmish sets’ to use for pre-sales and as competition rewards. Details of these sets to come soon!

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  1. Mikko
    Mikko says:

    Hi man,
    I got back to you some weeks ago on FB as you were looking for playtesters in Berlin.
    I am in between holidays in Berlin now and yet to travel more. Your stuff is just so cool and especially close to my heart it aches to see you do it so well! I hope to get to play and talk to you soon.

    • Catapult Kris
      Catapult Kris says:

      Hey Mikko – so sorry for not replying sooner and catching up! Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your words, let me know when you’re back from your next travels and I’ll make time for a meet up!



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